Ram Fertility assessment

On the 27th of July 2021 we inspected the Yarrawonga ram group.  The goal of this is to provide a pre-sale fertility assessment of individual rams, so that their clients can be confident that rams purchased should be fertile, functional and ready to work.  To our knowledge the protocol undertaken is leading the sheep seedstock industry in doing more rigorous fertility assessments as a baseline for all rams pre-sale.

Each ram is examined for several fertility traits, which have all been recorded with the rams individual ID and are available to buyers if needed.  These traits include scrotal circumference, testicle tone and palpation of structures associated with the testicle, penis examination (which in general has not been practiced by industry to date), teeth assessment including jaw alignment, and leg and feet assessments.

Fertility assessment is a single point in time activity.  The vendor has done everything possible to provide rams that are ready to work.  However, we strongly advise that once the ram is home and settled, it is wise to check them before their first joining, and EVERY year 6-8 weeks pre-joining.  A lot of work is expected of rams, and their functionality is paramount to your flock’s fertility.  They are a high value animal, but only if they are in working order.  Please don’t let them get over-fat, aim to keep them in body condition score 3, look after their feet, practice good biosecurity, be aware of Brucellosis risks, and have an accredited veterinarian assess their reproductive potential each year, so that EFFECTIVE rams are being put to work.

Please feel free to call with any questions of if further information is required.

Regards,  Tom and Simon

Thomas Graham

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August 22, 2021 News

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