Rams Sales

On Property Ram Sale at “Cunningham Plains” Harden

300 Merino and Poll Merinos

Monday September 16th 2024

Inspections from 7:30am, Sale starts at 1:00pm

Yarrawonga offers Ram Packages for all budgets. The Stud offers more rams in the on property ram sale each year with commercial clients in mind. Yarrawonga offer a large group of rams for private selection after the sale in the weeks that follow.

The Poll Ram Stud at Yarrawonga is now at the forefront of the Industry with large numbers of Poll rams now being produced to accommodate the increased demand for Polls.

Yarrawonga’s on going success resulted in the top average for on property ram sales in 2012 in NSW.

All rams will be penned for individual inspections.

Each ram is examined for several fertility traits, which have all been recorded with the rams individual ID and are available to buyers if needed. Learn more

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Results from 2023 Ram Sale

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