Breeding Values

Yarrawonga introduced Australian sheep breeding values (ASBV) in 2014. The following information can assist clients in selecting the correct replacement sires that suit their flock. It is encouraged that breeding values are used as an extra tool to assist in your selection process with subjective measurement.

ASBV are an important metric enabling the genetic evaluation and selection of sheep. Breeding values is an expression of the sheep in questions genetic capabilities “its estimated genetic performance of its off spring”, it eliminates all environmental influences.

Breeding Values

Yarrawonga will have data collected on fleece weight, weaning weight, post weaning weight, yearling weight and fleece measurement traits i.e. fibre diameter. Interpretation of data is critical and understanding wether a plus or minus figure will have a positive influence or a negative influence is important. Most weight figures are positively aligned with a good breeding value; however fibre diameter with a positive or negative breeding value can have a positive impact depending on your breeding objective.

The process of ASBV involves the utilisation of three main industry indices: merino production plus; fibre production plus; and dual purpose productions, which are expressed as a single percentage index. An index combines different traits at different weights ultimately resulting in a single percentage figure, which index you select to use should directly relate to your breeding objective.

Yarrawonga will continue to work with industry to adopt new viable technologies to ensure our clients receive the highest level of commercial gain.

ASBV on all sale rams will be made available to clients through our website once data collection has been finalised.

Please do not hesitate to contact Yarrawonga for further information on maximising flock breeding values.

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