On Property Ram Sale 2023 results

Our On Property Merino and Poll Merino Ram Sale for 2023 gave us some amazing results. The best result being that the Yarrawonga Ram Sale now holds the top price Stud average for the state of NSW! Our Stud average for 2023 was $3,849 and our top selling ram was purchased for $26,000. Top Selling … Continue reading

Top price ram at 2022 Ram Sale

The top price ram was sold for $26,000 to Borambil Merino Stud Corowa at the Yarrawonga Ram Sale … Continue reading

Second top price ram at 2022 Ram Sale

The top price paddock ram and overall second top price ram sold at the Yarrawonga Ram Sale 2022 was bought by Rob Coutts, Ioness Poll Merino Stud, Lake Bolac VIC for $22,… Continue reading

Yarrawonga’s 2021 Ram Sale results

The photo attached is of our Top priced ram sold to Ernie Constance, Burrunga, Peakview. The ram is held by Sam Phillips in the photo. Price was $13000. 268 rams sold to a top of $13000 Average $4123. And 50 Rams sold for $2000 and under – affordable Rams… Continue reading

Top price ram for 2021 sale

This Poll Merino ram sold for $8000 to Castlebrook Stud, Uralla, pictured with Sam Phillips, Scott Thrift and Steve Phillips… Continue reading

Three rams sold for $12,000

Three rams sold for $12,000, The Healy Family, Turondale, BC Partnership, Dalgety, Terry Dolbel, Triangle Flat, Top Price ram sold to Ernie & Deb Constance, Peakview for $13000 Rams held by Will Clark-Dickson, Austin Grace, Sam Phillips & Steve Phillips… Continue reading

Ram Fertility assessment

On the 27th of July 2021 we inspected the Yarrawonga ram group.  The goal of this is to provide a pre-sale fertility assessment of individual rams, so that their clients can be confident that rams purchased should be fertile, functional and ready to work.  To our knowledge the protocol undertaken is leading the sheep seedstock … Continue reading

Yarrawonga Plus

Yarrawonga has recognised that animal welfare is continuing to drive consumer demands for our products through QA programs like SustainaWool and Responsible Wool Standards (RWS), not only wool but meat as well, with this in mind we have decided to launch a new family of stud sheep, ‘YARRAWONGA PLUS’. This family is bred for non-mules, … Continue reading

Top price rams at 2020 ram sale

Sold to Demondrille Stud, Harden for $11,000, Sold to Rockford, Tasmania for $10,00, Top price ram sold to Thalaba Stud, Crookwell for $16,… Continue reading

Top Price Ram for 2020

Top Price Ram sold to “Thalaba” Stud, Crookwell for $16,… Continue reading

Women Behind Wool

Liz Phillips from Yarrawonga Merino has been lucky enough to be involved in the Women Behind Wool initiative all about accountability for where our clothes come from. Congratulations also to Lady Kate for creating this initiative. Watch the video below to hear all about it… Continue reading

UNE/MLA/MerinoLink DNA Stimulation Project – 26th July 2020

The UNE/MerinoLink DNA Stimulation Project is a major genetics adoption program in the Merino sheep breeding industry, running from January 2018 to June 2022. The collaborative approach between MLA Donor Company, University of New England, MerinoLink Limited, NSW DPI, Sally Martin Consulting and the project participants has already started to meet the project target of … Continue reading

New in 2020

New in 2020, we are collecting data on breech wrinkle and breech cover, as the demand continues towards un mulsed wools we want to be on top of the game for when this becomes the new normal. Our 2019 drop ram team have body wrinkle scores as well and are available upon request at any … Continue reading

Top Priced Poll Rams

Top priced poll $12,000 sold to Jack and Warren Mc Rae, Oakbank Stud, Gre Gre North Victoria and another for $6,000 – at the 2019 Yarrawonga Ram Sale… Continue reading

Top Two Selling Rams

2 top priced rams at $20,000 and $22,000 – at the 2019 Yarrawonga Ram Sale… Continue reading

2nd Top Price Ram

Second Top Price of $20,000 sold to Roy Freeman, Stonehouse Grazing, Lemont, Tasmania – at the 2019 Yarrawonga Ram Sale… Continue reading

Top Price Ram

Top Price of $22,000 sold to Mark and Jodie Pendergast, Cottage Park, Cooma – at the 2019 Yarrawonga Ram Sale… Continue reading

2019 Ram Sale results

277 rams sold to $22,000 with an average of $… Continue reading

Winner of Pen of Three at SWS Field Day

Yarrawonga wins the Pen of Three Rams at the South West Slope Field Day on Tuesday 3rd September 2019. All three rams were bred by Alfoxton 430 and we have 70 rams in our sale that he had bred!… Continue reading

Top 3 rams at 2019 Ram Sale

Here are the top 3 rams up for auction at the 2019 Ram Sa… Continue reading

2018 Ram sale results

As Yarrawonga don’t offer any stud rams at multi vendor sales, the only opportunity to purchase our genetics is at our on property ram sale. Our ram sale is made up of both stud and specially selected rams. We pride ourselves on been able to provide consistent quality to our commercial clients at commercially viable … Continue reading

Yarrawonga 193 sold for $60,000

Yarrawonga 193 sold for $60,000 to Hollow Mount, Wurrock & Tara Park Studs.  Yarrawonga retains half semen rights… Continue reading

Top price sold for $16,000

This one is our top price ram from our on property ram sale. Top price sold $16,000 Avonside Stud, Cooma… Continue reading

Equal second top price ram sold for $14,000

Equal second top price ram $14000 sold to Stanley & Susan Ha… Continue reading

Equal second top price ram sold for $14,000

Equal second top price ram Sold $14,000, High View Stud,  WA Perry & Sharon Corker… Continue reading

Sold for $11,000 to Gavin Swords

Sold for $11,000 to Gavin Swords, Laraben Merino Stud, Mudgee… Continue reading

Two Sires now available for Semen

We are offering semen from two Sires at $40 per dose which is great value for exceptional rams. For more info and stats about Yarrawonga 1162 and Yarrawonga 193 visit our Sire page… Continue reading

Won Ram of the Year at 2018 SWS Field Day

South West Slopes Merino Breeders Ram of the Year 2018 won by Yarrawonga Merino Stud… Continue reading

Won Pen of Three at 2018 SWS Field Day

1st place goes to Yarrawonga Merino Stud for the Pen of Three Rams at the South West Slopes Merino Breeders Field … Continue reading

Yarrawonga 961 Success

Our Semen Sire Y961 has been used in a number of different breeding programs. Bendigo 2018, 961 sired 15 sheep from Seven different studs. Progeny from 961 where awarded four reserve champions. A highlight was a son of 961 bred by John Crawford of ‘Rockbank Merino Stud’, winning Victorian Ram of the year… Continue reading

Bill and Marg Mackey getting great results

New clients Bill and Marg Mackey have seen great results in their F1 Yarrawonga crosses with an increase of half a kilogram fleece weight compared to their contempories as well as averaging 17.1 micron, yielding 72% and a staple strength of 61 neutrons. This equates to a $5.6o/DSE increase in one generational cross… Continue reading

A fantastic line of ewes

This years ET program consisted of 15 maiden ewes that are all bred from Yarra 961. They are a fantastic line of ewes that are truly balanced and display all major qualities of profitability. … Continue reading

Winners of Berridale Ewe Competition

Congratulations Brett and Jane Constance overall winners of the Berridale Ewe Competition and Martin and Liz Walters winners of the hogget section.   Save Save Save Save Sav… Continue reading

Steve and Ben with Damien Maeburn classing young rams

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The 2016 drop reserve rams shorn

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2016 Ram Sale Results

Our sale results where, 200 rams sold for a 100% clearance, topping at $20 000 and averaging $… Continue reading

Yarrawonga Sire 961

Sire: Yarrra 2222 X R1137(Sire of Dam is RP1135) Dam: P60(ET) x WP904 DOB: Sept 2014 Mic: 17.5, SD: 3.1, CV: 17, CF: 99.5 Click here for more details&#… Continue reading

Yarrawonga has won the South West Slopes 2016 Ram of the Year

He will be for sale in our on property ram sale as Lot 3 on Monday 12th September… Continue reading

2015 Ram Sale Results

Total clearance of 174 rams, Top price $20,000, Average $3266. [acx_slideshow name=”Ram Sale 2015″] Click here to view our 2015 Ram Sale Results… Continue reading

2015 Results – The Proofs in the Paddock

Bookham Ag wether trial – Yarrawonga * 1st Place – cutting 9.2 kg at 18.4 micron. Berridale Ewe competition * 1st Place – to Brett and Jane Constance – ‘Athlone’, Peakview Bookham Ewe competiton * 1st Place – to Richard & Steph Hyles – ‘Westbourne’, Berremangra… Continue reading

Final Bloodline summary

Provided below is information recently published in the Merino Bloodline Performance financial summary, containing analyzing data from a number of different results from wether trials and their respective medium accuracy bloodlines. This information displays that the Yarrawonga bloodline is continuing to be a leading bloodline within the industry. Within the Merino Bloodline Performance financial summary … Continue reading

New addition to our team

Damien Meaburn has been appointed stud advisor at Yarrawonga. Damien’s natural flair for the Merino Industry and classing for many commercial and stud operations will give Yarrawonga a continuing pathway of breeding profitable Merinos. His extensive knowledge and like minded approach of merino breeding and genetics will compliment the team at Yarrawonga to continue to … Continue reading

Richard Hyles wins Bookham Ewe Comp 2015

Congratulations to Yarrawonga client Richard and Steph Hyles, winner of the Bookham Ag Bureau Ewe Competition 2015 pictured here with his winning team… Continue reading

Freshly shorn reserve ram lambs

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Reserve Poll ram lamb

Damien Meaburn checking fleece of Reserve Poll ram lamb with fleece weight  8.4kg. It also had a body weight of 84 kg at 10 months… Continue reading

Shearing reserve ram Lambs

Ben Patrick, Damien Meaburn & Steve Phillips at the shearing of reserve ram Lambs. Steve, Ben and Damien are watching Mark Crowe shearing… Continue reading

Winners of Wendouree Shield 2014

Winners of Wendouree Shield 2014 South West Slopes Field Day Pen of three Rams. Held by Peter Englert, Ben Patrick & Steve Phillips… Continue reading

One Oak ET 10 purchased for $30,000

One Oak ET 10 purchased at the One Oak dispersal for $30,000. Pictured with Damien Meaburn, Graham Wells, Ben Patrick, Don Phillips and Steve Phillips… Continue reading

2014 Ram Sale Results

Total 169 Rams Sold to $11,500 Average $2,267. Top priced Poll ram sold to Frank Kaveney, Tallawong Stud, Yass and $11,500 ram sold to Ted and Ellen Hopkins, Kanyana, Jerangle [acx_slideshow name=”Ram Sale 2014″] &nbs… Continue reading

Movie: Yarrawonga rams to $11,500 at the 2014 ram sale

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Yarrawonga rams to $22,000

Ben Patrick, Yarrawonga Merinos and Poll merinos; Purchaser Michael Hedger, Snowy Plain Merinos, Berridale; agent Brett Povey, Monaro Wool Services Schute Bell, Cooma: Sam Phillips, Yarrawonga; Yarrawonga stud principal Steve Phillips; sale auctioneer Paul Dooley, Tamworth and Georgia Phillips, Yarrawonga all pictured with the $22000 top-priced ram… Continue reading

2013 Ram Sale Photos

[acx_slideshow name=”Ram Sale 2013&#… Continue reading

Movie: Yarrawonga Merino and Poll Merino 2013 Sale

Rams topped at $22,000 at the Yarrawonga Merino and Poll Meriono sale on Monday at Harden… Continue reading

Top price ram sold for $8600

Top price Ram 2012 On property at $8600 sold to Michael Hedger Snowy Plains Stud Berridale photographed with Brett Povey Shute Belle Cooma and Sam, Steve and Georgia Phillips… Continue reading

Congratulations to long time clients

Congratulations Brett and Jane Constance On 2014 people’s choice award in the Berridale ewe competition Photo: Brett and Jane Constance, Athlone Peak View. Winners of the 2013 Berridale ewe competition… Continue reading

Congratulations to long time clients

Once again congratulations to Tony and Peter Crocker for top five finalist in Boorowa ewe competition for 2014. Photo: Tony and Peter Croker Willowdale Rugby were once again a top five finalist in the 2013 Boorowa ewe competition… Continue reading